HOISTMAN Series Manual Chain Hoists

Tổng quan

HM-150 HM-250

  • Elephant's high-tech load chains are approved by DIN 5684, one of the world's strictest standards. This is the special heat-treated load chain of Grade V (100kgf/mm2) whose tensile strength far surpasses JIS Grade V.
  • Safe working load: 150 kg, 250 kg
  • Light and compact. Good for works at high places.

HOISTMAN Series Manual Chain Hoists Specifications 

ModelH HM-15 HM-25
Max. working load (kg) 150 250
Manufacturer's test load (kg) 225 375
Standard lift (m) 2.5 2.5
Headroom (mm) 220 220

Length of load chain lifted by
pulling hand chain 1m (mm)

67 36
Hand effort to lift full
working load (N) (kg)
206(21) 206(21)
Dia. x pitch
3.1x9.3 3.1x9.3
No. of falls​ 1 1
Grade of chain V V
Dia. x pitch
2.5x14 2.5x14
Net weight (kg) 2.8 2.4










*1) Hand chain is stainless.

*All specifications herein are subject to change without prior notice.